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Holy Comforter Church
Atlanta, Georgia

Volunteer: Service and Giving Opportunities


The Friendship Center at Holy Comforter

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Van Drivers:  Pick up or take home Friendship Center participants by driving one of our three 15-passenger vans.   Volunteers can commit to drive on a weekly, monthly, or back-up basis.  Must be between 25 and 70 years of age.  Driving one of the vans is really a lot of fun!  
            Days:  Tuesday or Thursday
            Hours:  8:15am - 9:30am (morning shift)
                     1:00pm - 2:30pm (afternoon shift)
Current Needs:  Tuesday and Thursday, Morning and Afternoon

Gardeners: Help out in our organic greenhouse and gardens.  Teach gardening to, learn gardening from, or garden with our Friendship Center gardeners.  Volunteers also needed to water the gardens on non-program days and to help out with our Saturday plant sales.  Volunteers can commit to helping on a weekly, monthly, or back-up basis.
Days: Tuesday or Thursday
      Hours:  10:00am - Noon
Current Needs:  ongoing

Kitchen Servers:  Serve breakfast or lunch to our Friendship Center participants and help clean up the kitchen afterwards.  Kitchen servers work with a small team of other volunteers and helpers from the Friendship Center.  Volunteers can commit to helping on a weekly, monthly, or back-up basis. 
      Days: Tuesday or Thursday
      Hours: 8am - 11am (breakfast shift)
              11am - 2pm (lunch shift)
Current Needs:  Thursday mornings and afternoons, back-up

Food Prep Assistants: Help our Kitchen Director prepare the week’s meals along with a small team of volunteers.  No cooking experience is required.  Volunteers can commit to helping on a weekly, monthly, or back-up basis. 
Days: Mondays
Hours: 10 am - 2 pm 
Current Needs:  ongoing

Art Teachers: Teach an art or craft of your choice to our Friendship Center participants.  Teachers work one-on-one and with small groups and are provided with materials and guidance by our Art Director.  Current art offerings include ceramics, weaving, painting, drawing, sewing, woodturning, stained glass and photography.  Volunteers are welcome to assist with these offerings or to teach something new!  Volunteers can commit to helping on a weekly, monthly, or back-up basis.
      Days: Tuesday or Thursday
      Hours:  10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Current Needs:  All areas!  Also, experienced woodturners to teach on Tuesdays

Foot Clinic Volunteers: Help care for our Friendship Center participants’ feet in a fun and relaxing environment.  Volunteers are provided with ongoing training and support by our Foot Clinic leaders.  No training or background in foot care is necessary. Volunteers can commit to helping on a bimonthly, monthly, or back-up basis
      Days: Every other Thursday
      Hours: 9:30am - 11:30am
Current Needs:  Ongoing need for more volunteers, particularly health professionals who can clip toenails of members who have diabetes and other health complications. 

Activities & Enrichment Leaders: Organize and lead small groups in games and enrichment activities of your choice. Enrichment options that we currently need include music, drama, spiritual practices, sports, games, exercise, and much much more!  Volunteers can commit to helping on a weekly, monthly, or back-up basis
Days: Tuesday or Thursday
      Hours:  10:00 - 11:30 am
Current Needs:  Ongoing need for development of new activities

Teaching volunteers:  Work one-on-one with individuals here who need assistance with literacy, reading skills, GED prep and life skills such as riding MARTA, making doctor’s appointments, managing money, etc.  You do not need to be GED prep certified. 
Days: Tuesday or Thursday
      Hours:  10am - 11:30am
Current Needs:  Ongoing

Health Volunteers:  Assist our volunteer parish nurse in providing basic health education and monitoring.  Possible health volunteer activities include: giving manicures and talking to our members about hygiene and self-care; checking blood pressures, blood glucose levels, and weight;  providing one-on-one and small group education on diabetes, hygiene, side-effects of medications, healthy eating, etc;  facilitating support groups and educational programs around health and wellness issues;  helping facilitate our biannual eye clinics; helping connect our members with appropriate community health resources.
Days: Tuesday or Thursday
      Hours:  9:00am - Noon
Current Needs:  Ongoing

Conversation Partners: Come hang out and get to know our Friendship Center participants.  Many of our members have few people to listen to them and have stories they’d like to share.   You’ll be amazed by the interesting, warm, and wonderful friends you’ll make here. 
Days: Tuesday or Thursday
      Hours:  10am - 11:30am
Current Needs:  Ongoing

Puppy Playdate Volunteers: Help facilitate a “puppy therapy” visit at the Friendship Center.  Sit and play with puppies alongside our Friendship Center participants and help introduce the puppies to new friends.  Volunteers may be needed to help pick up puppies from the Humane Society and can receive training in Pet Facilitated Therapy through the Human Society. 
Days: Tuesday or Thursday
      Hours: 9:15am – 11am (if picking up puppies)
  10am – 11am (if meeting puppies here)
Current Needs:  We currently offer one puppy playdate per month, but we would love to offer this activity more frequently!

Communications Volunteers:  Write for our e-newsletter and help us develop and manage new communications materials including brochures, slideshows, promotional videos, blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.  Help us create and manage a Friendship Center website. 
      Days: Flexible
      Hours: Flexible
Current Needs:  New Friendship Center Website!  Also blog, brochures, etc. 


Donation Needs:

Kitchen Supplies: Styrofoam or sturdy paper plates (9” and small), cups (8oz hot and 10 or 12oz cold), and bowls; industrial size foil and saran; good kitchen towels and washcloths (new or gently used); paper napkins and paper towels; plastic cutlery; good used silverware; Simple Green cleaner; hand soap and hand sanitizer; 55 gallon drum liner garbage bags; restaurant-size cans of fruits and vegetables (greens, chili, baked beans, green beans, etc); boxes of cereal; salt and pepper (plastic shakers or boxes of individual packets).

Bingo Prizes: Anything fun you can think of!

Clothes Closet:  Volunteers from the Episcopal Church of St. Peter & St. Paul graciously organize and host a clothes closet for our friends in need.  All donations for the clothes closet should be delivered to St. Peter & St. Paul at 1795 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, GA 30062.  Matthew can connect you to the clothes closet volunteers.  Just email Matthew at

Foot Clinic: Men's and women's socks (all sizes), Vick's vaporub, lotion, anti-fungal foot cream, small tubes of neosporine, anti-bacterial soap, Epsom salt (lavender or peppermint scented)

If you are interested in helping with any of these opportunities, please e-mail Matthew Collins at or call the church at 404-627-6510.

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