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Holy Comforter Church
Atlanta, Georgia

The Friendship Center

The Friendship Center is a safe, loving, and inclusive community that promotes the mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of adults marginalized by poverty and mental health challenges and of those who come here to volunteer, work, and learn.



Every Tuesday and Thursday, the Friendship Center provides day services at no charge to nearly 85 participants offering transportation, hot and nutritious meals, programs in art and gardening, recreational activities, and various wellness and recovery programs such as foot clinics, routine health care monitoring, and yoga classes. Program hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9AM 1PM. 


Why does Atlanta need the Friendship Center at Holy Comforter Church?  Our mental health infrastructure is broken.  Personal care homes are privately run, sometimes with profit, not care, as the primary objective.  Proper medical treatment is expensive and treatment systems are sometimes very difficult to navigate.  This is not the fault of hospitals, care providers, or psychiatric professionals, but rather is symptomatic of a society which all too often ignores those who are different, tells those who are poor to fend for themselves, and denies the realities of mental illness. Atlanta needs the Friendship Center because every human being deserves to live a life of dignity.  Every human being needs not only food and shelter but also community and purpose. A community that includes and encourages the contributions of everyone also benefits everyone.  We can choose to ignore and marginalize, or we can choose to embrace and include.


All who come to the Friendship Center live richer and more meaningful lives and become agents of hope and dignity for people who live with mental health challenges.

Compassion that affirms the sacred worth of all people.
Respect that honors the dignity, freedom, and abilities of each person.
Friendship ... that overcomes barriers and transforms lives.
Joy that gives rise to laughter, fun, and healing.

In 1997, to address the challenges faced by its members and neighbors with severe mental illness, Holy Comforter opened the Friendship Center.  The trigger was a round of reductions in publicy funded day programs for people with mental illness. 



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