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Holy Comforter Church
Atlanta, Georgia

Our Vicar

Vicar, The Very Rev. Alexis Chase 

Thanks for visiting the Vicar' page. I am excited that you want to learn more about this amazing place and a little bit more about me.

I started at Holy Comforter in September 2014, before that I spent the past 7 years as the Executive Director of Georgia Interfaith Power & Light.  I am originally from Kentucky, although I haven't lived there since high school, but for some reason the rolling hills and un-populated farm land of Kentucky will always hold my heart (as will Kentucky basketball, I bleed blue y'all).  I am married with a son and a very large dog.  I dig Jesus, I like talking about G-d, I think that most things are funny, and as my sermons' suggest (which are below) I can read entirely too much into Scripture. I was an English Major in college, which could explain that, but it could also be that I am really bad at math and didn't want to do anything in school but read books. I have my Master of Divinity from San Francisco Theological Seminary and my Anglican Studies Certificate from Church Divinity School of the Pacific.  I would love to get to know you better. I like coffee or tea or water or good beer, so feel free to invite me to any of those things by calling the church office (404-627-6510)  or send me an email -

Also, if you wanted to know - The Very in my title is because I was appointed the Dean of the North Atlanta Convocation. Don't know what a Convocation is? Read all about them on the Diocese of Atlanta website. 

Miss a sermon or just want to see if I really said what I said?  The list of my newest sermons can be found on the Vicar's Sermons page. You can read all of my older sermons by clicking on the links below. 

March 8, 2015 Exodus 20: 1-17-The 10 Commandments, Thou Shalt Not Kill, and what that means for us.

March 1, 2015 Mark 8: 31-38 - take up your cross and deny yourself.

February 15, 2015 Mark 9: 2-9, Preach-in on Climate Change

February 8, 2015 Mark 1: 29-39 - in which Alexis talks about how much she loves to color.

January 18, 2015 John 1: 43-51

January 11, 2015 Mark 1: 4-11

January 4, 2015 Matthew 2: 1-12

December 24, 2014 Christmas Eve

December 21, 2014 Luke 1: 26-38

December 14, 2014 Canticle 15, The Song of Mary

November 23, 2014 Matthew 25: 31-46

November 16, 2014 Matthew 25: 14-30

November 2, 2014 All Saints Day Matthew 5:1-12

October 19, 2014 Matthew 22: 15-22

September 21. 2014 Jonah 3: 10-4:11

September 7, 2014 Matthew 18:15-20

August 24, 2014 Romans 12: 1-8

July 20, 2014 Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

July 27, 2014 Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52


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