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Holy Comforter Church
Atlanta, Georgia

About Us

Holy Comforter Church

Located in southeast Atlanta, Holy Comforter is a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. About 60% of the congregation live with mental illness.

This diverse community gathers for the Friendship Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for Evening Prayer or a healing service and a community dinner on Wednesday evenings, and for Holy Eucharist on Sundays. 

Holy Comforter is supported by the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta and by various parishes, foundations, and individuals. The Georgia Mental Health Consumers' Network provides funds for our art and gardening programs, and Woodland Hills Baptist Church provides space for our art studios.


Congregational Affirmations

        Physical and Mental Health Challenges: People who live with various physical and mental health challenges are invited into full congregational life within this parish

        LGBTQ: Our membership and leadership is comprised of the young and the old, the old-timer and the newcomer, married, partnered and single, gay and straight, rich and poor. We represent and celebrate the wonderful diversity that makes Atlanta what it is, and we seek to do that in faithfulness to the baptismal command to respect the dignity of every human being. We strive to include a place for everyone around God's table and believe there should be no outcasts in the Episcopal Church.

        Veterans: Holy Comforter welcomes veterans and their loved ones.  For more information about Care Tor The Troops, please click here.  For more information about Military Outreach USA, please click here


Congregational Outreach Ministry The Friendship Center

        Through the Friendship Center, Holy Comforter offers day programs for persons with mental illness or other disabilities. These programs include a variety of activities, such as painting, music and movement, ceramics, weaving, woodworking, gardening, and games, as well as lunch.  We invite neighbors and other friends to help us as volunteers.  Holy Comforter opened the Friendship Center in 1997 in response to reduced availability of day programs for people living with mental illness. It now serves from 90 to 125 people each Tuesday and Thursday.  For more information about the mission and vision of the Friendship Center, please click here.


Holy Comforter Church
737 Woodland Ave, SE
Atlanta, GA 30316
(404) 627-6510


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